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Gibraltar 6700 series hardware pack

£325.00 £366.00

Gibraltar 6700 Hardware Package.

The 6700 hardware pack from Gibraltar contains 5 great must have pieces that include: Snare Stand, Hi Hat Stand, Boom Stand, Straight Stand and Single Pedal. All of these products are heavy duty but very light weight so it's very easy to carry them around. The stand from this pack are tripods and double braced which ensure stability and the nylon inserts on the hi hat stand mean there is no metal on metal contact.

The pack contains:

  • x1 6706 Snare Stand
  • x1 6707 Hi Hat Stand
  • x1 6709 Boom Stand
  • x1 6710 Straight Stand
  • x1 6711S Single Pedal


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    Gibraltar 6700 Series Hardware Pack