Gibraltar GRS-850DBL Curved Double Bass Drum Rack

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Gibraltar GRS-850DBL Curved Double Bass Drum Rack.

Just the rack system needed to provide double-bass players with set-up flexibility at an affordable price. The GRS-850DBL takes up a minimum amount of space, yet it will accommodate a kit with as many as 6 toms and 8 cymbals. The GRS-850DBL also makes a great single-bass rack with side extension.


  • 2 x GRSTLA T-Leg assemblies
  • 1 x GRSMTLA mini T-Leg assembly
  • 3 ÌÑ 36‰۝ vertical bars
  • 2 ÌÑ 40‰۝ curved horizontal bars
  • 4 x GRSMC multi-clamps
  • 4 x GRSHML hinged memory locks
  • 10 x GPRML memory locks
  • 2 x GRSRA right angle clamps
  • 2 x GRSSRA stackable right angle clamps
  • 1 x GPR-LOGO badge

Custom setup using GRS-850DBL with custom parts

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