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Gibraltar oversized moto throne 9908 pro series

£171.00 £193.00

Gibraltar Oversized Moto Throne 9908 Pro Series

This drum throne from Gibraltar is ideally suited for all drummers, as it's been described as the most comfortable drum throne you’ll ever come across. The 9908  drum throne will definitely provide you with the comfort and support that you need. This drum throne comes fitted with an oversized moto style contoured seat and four post legs in order to provide complete balance and the large non-slip rubber feet keep your position during your performance.


  • 17” oversized motorcycle styled seat
  • Contoured lower lumbar support
  • 4-post throne base with oversized rubber feet
  • Spindle height adjustment
  • Stylish stitching


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Gibraltar Oversized Moto Throne 9908 Pro Series