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(Electronic drum kits)

Kat kt3 6-piece electronic digital drum set

£701.00 £791.00

KAT KT3 6-Piece Digital Drum Kit Amplifier

The 6-Piece KT3 digital drum set is the latest advancement in the 'KT' drum series. The kit is extremely 'life like' and features large 11" white floor tom and snare drum pads, a larger 12" hi-hat cymbal, two 12" crash cymbals, a 14" ride cymbal with an all-new bell trigger. All of these features enhance the realism of the kit and authentically replicate an acoustic kit. The KT3 module has fantastic connectivity and a pair of 1/4" stereo output jacks accommodate direct recording and mixer amplification. It also has a stereo input jack allows you to plug in your mp3 player so you can play-along and practice to your favourite tunes as well as this though you can play along to one of the 100 built-in play along songs with one of the 45 pre-configured drum sets or even programme your own set up, the KT3 has up to 25 user-programmable sets.



  • Larger Pads
  • Direct Recording And Mixer Amplification
  • Stereo Input Jack For MP3 Connectivity
  • 100 Play Along Tracks
  • 45 Pre-Configured Drum Sets
  • Up To 25 User-Programmable Configurations
  • 80 Play-Along Tracks
  • USB Sound Module


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KAT KT3 6-piece Electronic Digital Drum Set