(Hand percussion)

Lp cyclops tambourine brass jingles

£36.40 £41.00

LP Cyclops Tambourine Brass Jingles 

The Cyclops Mountable Tambourine from Latin Percussion is designed to provide a great sound and withstand the hardest stick hits, performance after performance. It also comes fitted with 2 rows of 7 pairs of brass jingles in order to achieve a warm and cutting sound.


  • 2 rows of 7 pairs of brass jingles for a distinctively warm and cutting sound
  • Durable black high-impact plastic frame
  • Patented jingle pinning system keeps jingles in place
  • LP’s forged eye-bolt assembly for placement on 3/8" diameter rods or hi-hat stand pull rods


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LP Cyclops Tambourine Brass Jingles