(Hand percussion)

Lp fiberglass king klave lp597

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LP Fiberglass King Klave LP597

The clave is phrased in what is known as a 3/2 (forward clave) or 2/3 (reverse clave) feel, better said, three beats then two beats(forward clave) or two beats then three beats(reverse clave). Claves traditional instruments comprised of two sticks that are struck together to get a sharp, cracking sound.


  • Clave and striker are the same size (8"L x 1"W)
  • Loudest clave available and is made of specially formulated fiberglass
  • Nearly indestructible construction yields an incredibly loud “cutting” sound that can be heard on recordings from around the world
  • Cuts through loud music, ideal for large bands or marching bands



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LP Fiberglass King Klave LP597