(Hand percussion)

Lp hihat chick-ita lp015

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LP Hihat Chick-Ita LP015

The Hihat Chick-Ita from Latin percussion is ideally suited for drum set players looking to add a little sizzle to their set-up. This shaker is very easy-to-mount and it can be used with any hi-hat to add a distinctive shaker sound that cuts through drum and cymbal volume. It can also be used as a hand percussion instrument due to its innovative x shape.


  • Easily add a crisp shaker sound to your hi-hat. You can stack them for double the volume!
  • Quickly slides onto any hi hat pull rod with a non-slip rubber grommet for easy positioning
  • Great for both live and studio performance
  • Filled with non-toxic steel shot



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LP Hihat Chick-Ita LP015