(African percussion)

Lp hihat shekere lp485

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LP Hihat Shekere LP485

The LP Hi-Hat Shekere is the result of the collaboration between Latin Percussion and Michael Spiro. This Shekere can be mounted to any hi-hat stand allowing drummers to add a hands-free shekere sound to their set-up. The pack also includes 3 extra hi-hat seat washers.


  • Mounts to any standard hi-hat pull rod.
  • Durable fiberglass shell has a unique flattened-sphere shape without the traditional "throat" of a gourd-style shekere
  • Special light weight netting provides easy movement of beads on shell
  • Large beads made from special materials provide a more natural sound
  • Includes three extra Hi-Hat seat washers so Shekere does not bottom out on seat


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LP Hihat Shekere LP485