LP Whole-Tone Bar Chimes, Double Row, 72 Bars (LP625)

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Double Row Whole ‰ÛÒ Tone Bar Chimes.

LP Bar Chimes are a fantastic must have for drummers and percussionists.

These chimes are crafted from a specially formulated tempered aluminium alloy to provide bright sound and great tonal variety. The natural wood bars are made from select hardwood with a smooth satin finish.


  • Uniquely tuned on the interval structure of the whole-tone musical scale
  • 3/8‰۝ diameter aluminium alloy chimes, a newly improved high tensile braided cord and self-dampening stringing style.
  • Exclusive ‰ÛÏanti-twist‰۝ bracket that is mounted at the balance point of each bar to prevent movement.
  • LP Bar Chimes come in a protective box that can be used again and again for transporting your chimes safely.
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