• Mapex Mars Retro Fusion 5-Piece Drum Kit Smokewood
  • Mapex Mars Retro Fusion 5-Piece Drum Kit Bloodwood
  • Mapex Mars Retro Fusion 5-Piece Drum Kit Bonewood
  • Mapex Mars Retro Fusion 5-Piece Drum Kit Nightwood
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Mapex mars retro fusion 5-piece shell pack

£499.00 £599.00

Mapex Mars Retro Fusion 5-Piece Drum Kit.

The Mapex Mars series drum shells are made from 6-ply 100% Birch and feature SONIClear bearing edge technology, as found on Armory Series, which allows the drum head to sit flatter and make a better contact with the shell resulting a stronger and deeper fundamental pitch. Also, the Mars drum kits from Mapex  come in four different texture-look finishes: Bonewood with Black Fittings  (BAW), Nightwood with Black Fittings (BZW), Smokewood with Chrome Fittings (GW) or Bloodwood with Chrome Fittings (RW). Overall, the Mars Retro Fusion Drum Kit from Mapex not only looks amazing but it performs even better. We know that some drummers prefer to buy their hardware separately and with this Mapex Mars shell pack there is no hardware (Tom arms and clamps are included).


  • 6-ply 100% Birch drum shells
  • Insulated bass drum claws
  • SONIClear Suspension System
  • Choice of 4 finishes
  • TH687S Tom Arm And AC910 Multi-Way Clamp Included
  • SONIClear Bearing Edge Technology

Retro Fusion Drum Configuration- MA528SF:

  • 22" x 18" Bass Drum (No Fitting)
  • 12" x 8" Tom
  • 14" x 12" Floor Tom
  • 16" x 14" Floor Tom
  • 14" x 6.5" Snare Drum

    Please Note. This is a shell pack only, there are no cymbals and cymbal stands included but are available upon request.


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