• T756W Black and White Stripe Drum Throne
  • Mapex T756B Stripe Top Drum Thrones
  • Mapex T756B/T756W Stripe Top Drum Thrones Seat
  • Mapex T756B/T756W Stripe Top Drum Thrones Legs
(Mapex drum thrones)

Mapex stripe top drum thrones t756b/t756w

£104.99 £125.99

Mapex Striped Drum Throne- T756B/T756W

The T756 drum thrones from Mapex are available for a limited time only. Due to their huge success these amazing striped drum stools from Mapex are back by popular demand and are here to stay! The T756B and T756W Mapex stools come fitted with oversized saddle seat for ultimate comfort along with the sturdy 755 threaded throne base for easy adjustment. The Mapex Striped drum throne comes in two options you can choose from: black with white stripes or white with black stripes.


  • T756W – White With Black Stripes
  • T756B – Black With White Stripes


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Mapex Stripe Top Drum Thrones T756B/T756W