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Mapex round cloth top drum throne t760a

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Round Drum Throne With Cloth Top From Mapex- T760A 

The T760A drum throne from Mapex comes fitted with a 14” diameter round soft-cloth seat and a 4” cushioning for your comfort. Also, you are able to easily adjust the height of this Mapex drum throne by using the threaded base. Overall, the T760A is a sturdy and very comfortable drum throne from Mapex.


  • Newly Designed Round Cushioned Seat
  • 14” Diameter by 4” Thick
  • Durable Soft-Cloth Seat Cover
  • Die Cast Memory Lock
  • Threaded Steel Rod Height Adjustment with Threaded Tube Collar Lock
  • 18”-26” Height Range
  • Double Braced “Natural Curve” Legs for Extra Stability


  • T760A


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Mapex Round Cloth Top Drum Throne T760A