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Meinl professional leatherette cymbal bag 22”, jawbreaker


MEINL Cymbal Bags are designed to safely and securely store your Cymbals while going from gig to gig. We have an array of bags on offer from Artist Bags to Professional cases and trolleys.

As a modern and progressive company, MEINL has never been content with the status quo! By talking and listening to the people who play, we have developed many new and improved percussion instruments. Original MEINL innovations like the Free Ride System for Bongos (patented), the Floatune® Tuning System for Timbales and Djembes (patented), the revolutionary STEELY II Conga and Djembe Stands (patented), or the Professional Conga and Bongo Stands (patented) prove our leading position in Research and Development work and set the standard in the percussion world.


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Meinl Professional Leatherette Cymbal Bag 22”, Jawbreaker