Natal 7" Chequer Blades

Product image 1Natal 7" Chequer Blades
Product image 2Showcase
Product image 3NCPB003 Natal black chequer blade
Product image 4Natal 7" Chequer Blades
Product image 5Natal 7" Chequer Blades
Product image 6Natal 7" Chequer Blades
Product image 7Natal 7" Chequer Blades

Please contact us on 0191 418 7113 or head over to if you are interested in this product.

NEW Natal Chequer Blades.

The Natal Chequer Blades adds a new level to your set-up which set you apart from the rest, giving you music unique sounds that every drummer craves! The 7" Chequer Blades are available with either chrome or black plates, take your pick. Simply attach to your cymbal stand, the Chequer Blades make the perfect accessory for any drummer or percussionist!

Watch our in store video to hear the Natal Chequerplate Blades in action, you'll love them!

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