Natal Classic Series Fibreglass Bongos in Black

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Natal Black Fibreglass Bongos

When it comes to percussion instruments, it doesn't get much better than Natal. They've been crafting percussion instruments of the highest quality in Britain for over fifty years, so you best believe they know how to make great equipment.

The Classic Series takes the process of manufacturing percussion instruments back old school by utilising the original shell moulds, even the badge pays homage to the original. Every Bongo is complete with classy steel 'comfort hoop' rims, heavy-duty tuning bolts and hand lapped heads.

Natal is popular among legendary bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones who all recognise Natal's percussion instruments for its remarkable volume, strength and distinctive sound. 


  • Fibreglass
  • 7" & 8.5" Diameter
  • Natural Hide heads
  • Steel 'Comfort Hoop' rims
  • Full length tuning bolts 


  • NCSB02B
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