Natal Talking Shaker Large TSK-L

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Large Talking Shaker

Natal has been at the forefront of producing percussion instruments for over fifty years, so what makes them so great? They craft and design every instrument with the highest quality materials and aim to provide instruments to all skills groups and ages, it doesn't matter whether you are a professional musician or a beginner, there's always something suited for you in Natal's percussion set up. 

The Large Talking Shaker is crafted using a quality wood and hide construction, so it's both durable and produces an impressive distinctive sound. The large size is perfect for pairing with the small talking shaker to create an excellent two-tone effect. This shaker is perfect for both studio recording and live performance due to it's colourful tone and large reach. 


  • Quality wood and Hide construction
  • Natal logo
  • Large Size


  • TSK-L
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