Natal WSK-SQ-A Square Wood Shaker in Ash

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Wood Shaker in Ash Wood

Natal have been crafting the finest percussion series for over fifty years, and the Square Wood Shaker is a good show of this. The percussion series is designed to be provide instruments to any age or skill group, it doesn't matter if it's your first instrument or your twentieth, there's always something in Natal's percussion series for you. 

The wood shaker makes a great addition to any percussion set up, due to its cheap price and distinctive sound it produces. It's crafted from a stylish Ash wood and is filled with plastic beads which creates a bright and colourful sound when played. 


  • Ash wood
  • Detailed Percussive Sound
  • Plenty of volume
  • Crisp, sharp tone
  • Natal logo


  • WSK-SQ-A
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