(Pearl single bass drum pedals)

Pearl p-930 eliminator demonator single pedal

£71.00 £80.00

Pearl P-930 Eliminator Demonator Single Pedal

The Pearl Demonator Single Pedal has been solidly constructed with a fast and powerful response. The pedal has a single chain drive and an interchangeable cam that adjusts to suit any playing style. This is the perfect pedal for drummers of all levels with a fantastic price tag to go with it.


  • Single Chain Drive
  • Perfect Circle Cam with Removeable Eliminator-style Eccentic Cam
  • Demon Style PowerShifter Function Longboard
  • Dual Surface Beater with Control Core
  • Infinitely Adjustable Beater Angle
  • FrictionLess Roller


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Pearl P-930 Eliminator Demonator Single Pedal