Pro-Mark FireGrain Classic 5A Drumsticks

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Pro-Mark by D'Addario Classic 5A FireGrain Drumsticks

Fight fire with FireGrain! Pro-Mark by D'Addario have set the industry alight with these red hot drumsticks and they certainly have a name you won't forget. FireGrain are brand new for 2017, Pro-Mark FireGrain drumsticks are the next level of stick and in Pro-Mark's own words "are the most durable classic 5A we've ever produced." With a hardwood hickory base, these drumsticks are hardened by flames to lock in those fantastic qualities, whilst eliminating moisture and strengthening the core all at the same time. But why subject the already versatile hickory hardwood to heat you may ask? Well, this process intensifies the wood giving it ultra sharp precision as well as unrivalled longevity and durability.

These drumsticks have oval wood tips which are capable of producing a varied range of sound that is diverse to say the least! The wooden base of the drumstick tips creates a dark yet richly warm sound. Again another classic pair of drumsticks that deserve their 'classic' status, super versatile size and ideal for use within orchestral settings. The 5A size could be described as being a middle of the road in terms of thickness, the 0.551" diameter is not as thick as say a pair of 2B drumsticks and not as thin as 7A drumsticks, but is still perfect for a wide range of applications. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the FireGrain drumsticks are a fantastic new addition to the Pro-Mark hall of drumstick fame and they have certainly earned their spot there.


  • FireGrain heat-tempering process is applied to these drumsticks to provide unrivalled durability and precision
  • Length – 16”
  • Diameter – 0.551”
  • Classic style drumsticks 
  • Constructed using Hickory 
  • Oval shaped wood tip
  • Durable and reliable
  • Resilient and responsive
  • No excess vibration
  • Made in USA


  • TX5AW-FG

Step out of the way, Pro-Mark FireGrain Drumsticks are leaving a blazing trail behind them!

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