Pro-Mark FireGrain Classic 5B Drumsticks

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Pro-Mark by D'Addario Classic 5B FireGrain Drumsticks

Imagine a drumstick that is super durable, unbelievable resilient with precision for days, well imagine no longer, Pro-Mark FireGrain has arrived! With a hickory hardwood core, the FireGrain Classic 5B drumsticks retain the classic hickory qualities of longevity and having a substantial medium weight behind them. With this in mind the hickory is then heat-tempered under intense flames to draw out the very best of the hardwood, the flames reduce the moisture and harden the core making it undeniably strong. The hickory qualities paired with the age old process of flame-firing make for an absolute firecracker pair of sticks, but what does this mean for your playing experience? Well it means  you can play louder, harder and faster than ever before, all without the worry of damaging your sticks, the FireGrain core is strong enough to withstand all you can throw at it.

Each pair of Pro-Mark drumsticks are designed and made in the USA, with quality and craftsmanship being at the core of every pair of drumsticks. The 5B is a classic size that measures 16" in length and 0.590" in diameter, a medium weight pair of sticks that are suited to many drumming applications and settings. Pro-Mark look after their drummers and this is just another way of allowing you to deliver a red hot performance, quite literally!


  • FireGrain heat-tempering process is applied to these drumsticks to provide unrivalled durability and precision
  • Length – 16”
  • Diameter – 0.590”
  • Classic style drumsticks 
  • Constructed using Hickory 
  • Oval shaped wood tip
  • Durable and reliable
  • Resilient and responsive
  • No excess vibration
  • Made in USA


  • TX5BW-FG

Pro-Mark FireGrain Drumsticks are setting the drumstick world alight! 

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