Pro-Mark FireGrain Hickory Rebound 5A Drumsticks

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Pro-Mark by D'Addario Hickory Rebound 5A FireGrain Drumsticks

Pro-Mark bring you the most durable pair of Rebound 5A drumsticks ever and this is all because of FireGrain. Forget everything you know about the ordinary Rebound 5A drumsticks, because these are so much better. The heat-tempering process named FireGrain transforms these seemingly average hickory drumsticks into sticks with unrivalled precision and undisputed durability. The hardwood is hardened under the flames and this process eliminates moisture from the wood as well as hardening the overall core of the sticks. The Rebound 5A drumsticks have a hickory base, which is a popular hardwood that is extremely resilient and responsive, once it has been heat-tempered this is all enhanced and it is enhanced to the very max! What makes the Rebound 5A drumsticks so unique is the way the Forward drumsticks shifts the weight towards the shoulder and tip of the stick which allows for enhanced projection and a solid attack, so these aren't any ordinary 5A drumsticks. The Rebound 5A drumsticks also have a long 3" taper and an acorn tip which produces a well rounded, articulate sound, again a sound that is fully responsive.

Pro-Mark ensure each product is pure drumming perfection, this is achieved with all design and manufacture taking place in the USA. For a pair of truly incredible drumsticks that will quite literally set your set on fire, choose FireGrain.


  • FireGrain heat-tempering process is applied to these drumsticks to provide unrivalled durability and precision
  • Length – 16”
  • Diameter – 0.565”
  • Constructed using Hickory 
  • Acorn shaped wood tip
  • Long 3" taper
  • Durable and reliable
  • Resilient and responsive
  • No excess vibration
  • Made in USA


  • R5AFG

Pro-Mark introduce the new FireGrain Series and it is out of this world!

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