Protection Racket 18" x 16" Floor Tom Case with RIMS

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18" x 16" Protection Racket Floor Tom Case with RIMS.

Protection Racket are located in Cornwall, UK and they have just celebrated their 20th anniversary, pretty cool right? Protection Racket originally made bags and cases to protect surfboard and windsurf board but as the company gained more recognition they added musical instruments cases to their collection.

Protection Racket cases are all complete with at least one carrying handle that is made with comfortable material for an easier transportation experience. Every case features an unbreakable zip, long lasting material and silicone logo badges. You've got to admit, Protection Racket make some super cool bags! We absolutely love them here at Newcastle Drum Centre. Drummers all over the world swear by these drum cases, the fleece lining protect your drums amazingly; you'll never have to worry about your drums getting bashed again!

Protection Racket RIMS cases have an extra 1" on their internal diameter to allow room for your suspension mounting system. The internal depth of the RIMS cases is the same as the standard cases.

Please note that the floor tom legs must be removed before the drum is put inside of the case. RIMS size cases are not necessary for Yamaha Y.E.S.S and DW STN mounts as they will fit in standard size cases. However, if your SMS is over ½” from the shell to the drum, you will need a RIMS size.


  • Unbreakable Zip
  • Light Weight
  • Fleece Lining


  • 18" x 16"


  • 2017R-00
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