PureSound Custom Series Snare Wire, 24 Strand, 13”

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PureSound Custom Series Snare Wire, 24 Strand, 13”

The P1324 Equaliser Snare Wire from PureSound is ideally suited for 13" snare drums and features 24-strands of medium-guage wire in order to give the sound an even balance between wire and shell sound. The Equalizer line modifies the spread and activity of the snare sound by working in conjunction with the snare drum's natural acoustics and snare bed design. Equalizers incorporate an off-set design that is used to shift the strands from the middle of the drum, decreasing the vibration of the wires and producing a drier and crisper sound, but the wires are less influenced by sympathetic vibrations from other drums and instruments.


  • Designed for 13" snare drums; 24 strands of wire
  • Evenly spaced coiled snare wires offer consistent snare response
  • 24 strands of medium-gauge wire offer an even balance between snare wire and shell sound
  • Steel coil produces a quick and crisp snare response
  • All PureSound Snare Wires are designed and manufactured in the USA
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