Roland kt-10 kick trigger pedal

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Roland KT-10 Kick Drum Trigger Unit

The Roland KD-10 is a low-noise kick trigger pedal for V-Drums sound modules and other electronic percussion instruments. It is specifically designed to provide authentic feel and playability and a fast fluid response, the fantastic all-in-one design allows the pedal to successfully do this. The unit also features a unique reverse-action trigger mechanism, this makes the pedal not only compact in size, but also far quieter in operation than a kick pad played with an industry standard pedal and beater. The KT-10 is also ideal for use alongside an acoustic kick pedal in a hybrid drum set as it has a small footprint and works great for expanding the capabilities of an SPD-series percussion pad or the HandSonic HPD-20 if you have either of those products. It is of course perfect for use with any V-Drums kit with its pro feel, portable convenience and noise-reducing features.




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Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal