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Roland td-30kv v-pro electronic v-drums drum kit

£5,999.00 £6,599.00

Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Electronic V-Drums Drum Kit

Roland TD-30KV Pro Electronic Drum Kit is one of the first drum kits/Modules that can rival any acoustic kit, the sounds this kit makes will blow you away. What is even more surprising about this kit is its sensitivity and response, even the slightest touch the kit will pick up on it which only makes it even more real. The kit is beautiful the new black chrome finish to the shells and the new metallic gray cymbals with black on the back really do look amazing. Overall the versatility of sounds and functions on this kit, combined with the great feel and sound make this kit well worth the price tag.


  • Flagship V-Drums with advanced sensing technology and SuperNATURAL sounds
  • Expressive and accurate playability produced by Behavior Modeling
  • Professional V-Edit mode for customizing sounds
  • Dedicated “Ambience” fader with new room-ambience and overhead-mic simulation
  • Solid stage set with metallic gray and black-chrome color finish
  • New V-Hi-Hat (VH-13) with improved motion sensor for natural hi-hat response
  • New V-Pads (PD-128S/-128/-108) with improved rim sensor for accurate rim-shot sensing
  • New V-Cymbals (CY-14C crash, CY-15R ride) with natural feel and accurate triggering
  • USB memory port for data backup and audio playback (WAV/MP3)
  • Separate USB-MIDI port for computer connectivity

Snare drum stand, hi-hat stand and kick pedal not included and shown only for photography purposes.

Drum Configurations:

  • Drum Sound Module TD-30 (x1)
  • V-Kick KD-140-BC (x1)
  • V-Pad (Snare) PD-128S-BC (x1)
  • V-Pad (Tom1, Tom2) PD-108-BC (x2)
  • V-Pad (Tom3, Tom4) PD-128-BC (x2)
  • V-Hi-Hat VH-13-MG (x1)
  • V-Cymbal Crash CY-14C-MG (x2)
  • V-Cymbal Ride CY-15R-MG (x1)
  • Drum Rack MDS-25 (x1)



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Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Electronic V-Drums Drum Kit