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Sabian aa series 21" rock ride cymbal

£280.00 £388.00

Sabian AA 21" Rock Ride Cymbal

The Rock Ride Cymbal from Sabian is part of the AA Series which combines explosive energy and bright tone in order to have the most powerful and top quality Cymbals. This cymbal from Sabian also features a big and bright bell along with solid and full-bodied sticking which add up to aggressively loud and penetrating power. It also comes in a choice of two finishes. Overall, this Sabian AA Cymbal, not only looks great, but performs even better and it would look amazing with any drummer's kit. 


  • Style: Vintage
  • Sound: Bright
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Metal: B20


  • 21"


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Sabian AA Series 21" Rock Ride Cymbal