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Sabian aa series performance set cymbal set

£653.50 £954.00

Sabian AA Series Performance Set Cymbal Set

The AA Series Performance Cymbal Set from Sabian includes carefully selected and matched cymbals by the experts in the Sabian Vault. The set comes at an attainable price and contains all you need for your drum kit: one 14" Medium Hi Hats Pair, one 16" Medium Crash Cymbal, one 20" Medium Ride Cymbal and a free deluxe cymbal bag to carry your cymbals around easier.

The set includes:

  • 1 x 14" Medium Hi Hats Cymbals(Pair)
  • 1 x 16" Medium Crash Cymbal
  • 1 x 20" Medium Ride Cymbal
  • Free Deluxe Cymbal Bag


  • Style: Vintage
  • Metal: B20
  • Sound: Bright


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Sabian AA Series Performance Set Cymbal Set