(Sabian crash/ride cymbals)

Sabian b8x 18" crash/ride cymbal

£94.50 £123.00

Sabian B8X 18" Crash/Ride Cymbal

The Crash/Ride Cymbal from Sabian, a part of the B8X Series and features an explosive crash power with full ride response. This Sabian Cymbal is made using the B8 alloy which contains 8% tin and 92% copper, less tin content than in the B20 bronze. Overall, the B8X Series Cymbals from Sabian are the ideal first step into bronze cymbals and they would look great with any drum kit.


  • Style: Focused
  • Sound: Bright
  • Metal: B8
  • Weight: Medium


  • 18"


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Sabian B8X 18" Crash/Ride Cymbal