(Sabian crash cymbals)

Sabian hh 18" dark crash cymbal

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Sabian HH 18" Dark Crash Cymbal

The Dark Crash Cymbal from Sabian is a a part of the HH Series and features dark responses, dry and moody in order to achieve fast crashing and quick accents. Also, the HH series cymbals come in either natural or brilliant finish and they are made using the B20 alloy which contains 20% tin and 80% copper with traces of other elements such as silver. Overall, the Sabian HH Cymbals not only look great but they perform even better and they would look amazing on any drummer's kit.


  • Style: Vintage
  • Sound: Dark
  • Metal: B20
  • Weight: Medium-Thin


  • 18"


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Sabian HH 18" Dark Crash Cymbal