(Sabian hi hat cymbals)

Sabian hhx series 13" fierce hi hats

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Sabian HHX Series 13" Fierce Hi Hats Cymbal

These Fierce Hi Hats from Sabian are a part of the HHX Series and they are a raw-surfaced pairing which responds with tight, dark, semi-dry sounds and clear projection. Also, the HHX Series are dark, tonally complex cymbals that cut through any situation and they are ideal for modern musical styles. These cymbals are made using the B20 alloy which contains 20% tin and 80% copper with traces of other elements such as silver. Overall, the HHX Cymbals from Sabian are great looking and they would look amazing with any drum kit.


  • Style: Modern
  • Sound: Dark
  • Metal: B20
  • Weight: Medium-Thin Top / Medium-Heavy Bottom


  • 13"


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Sabian HHX Series 13" Fierce Hi Hats