(Sabian ride cymbals)

Sabian xs20 20" medium ride cymbal

£165.00 £215.00

Sabian XS20 20" Medium Ride Cymbal

This Medium Ride Cymbal from Sabian is part of the XS20 Series and features a tasty balance of stick definition and tonal wash which ensures a clean, musical sound at all volumes. Also, these cymbals are made using the B20 alloy which has 20% tin and 80% copper with traces of other elements such as silver. Overall, the XS20 cymbals have a great design which makes them look amazing with any drum kit and they come at a great value for money.


  • Style: Vintage
  • Sound: Bright
  • Metal: B20
  • Weight: Medium


  • 20"


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Sabian XS20 20" Medium Ride Cymbal