(Yamaha double bass drum pedals)

Yamaha long foot board double pedal dfp8500c

£281.00 £309.00

Yamaha Long Foot Board Foot Pedal- DFP8500C.

The DFP8500C Double Foot Pedal from Yamaha offers you total control with its longer design footboard. This double bass drum pedal comes fitted with a chain drive and an adjustable spring tension, so you can easily create tension you desire. This impressive Yamaha pedal is one of the smoothest most sturdy pedals out there.


  • New designed spike on slave pedal
  • Single bolt with bolt holding plate on Universal joint
  • Beater Shaft Locker
  • Beater Angle Adjustment
  • Spring Tension Adjustment with Self Lock
  • Simple Hoop Clamp Mechanism
  • Spring Roller with Built-in Bearings
  • Base Frame Tie Rods
  • Longer Footboard
  • Chain Drive


  • DFP8500C


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Yamaha Long Foot Board Double Pedal DFP8500C