(Yamaha double bass drum pedals)

Yamaha double chain double pedal dfp9500c

£332.00 £364.00

Yamaha Double Chain Double Foot Pedal- DFP9500C.

The DFP9500C double chain pedal from Yamaha comes fitted with a two-way beater which can be easily adjusted to the angle you require. This double foot pedal model has been designed with a narrower underplate to achieve a closer setting. The new 9500 series pedals from Yamaha are available in two options:Single Pedal or Double pedal, with a double chain or a direct drive for two distinctly different feels. All Yamaha pedals come with a light and protective carry case, in which you can also store your pedal accessories.


  • New designed spike on slave pedal
  • Single bolt with bolt holding plate on Universal joint
  • 2way beater
  • Spring tension adjustment with self lock
  • Narrower under-plate for closer setting
  • Simple hoop clamp mechanism
  • Beater angle adjustment
  • Footboard angle adjustment


  • DFP9500C


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Yamaha Double Chain Double Pedal DFP9500C