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Steve White Drum Clinic

We're hosting a drum clinic with drumming legend, Steve White!

Newcastle Drum Centre is hosting a Steve White drum clinic!

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Pick the best drum head for you!

We love Evans drum heads! Find out why...

Pick the best drum heads for you!

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Yamaha have introduced the DTX Upgraded Pack and the DTX Extension Pack.

The Upgrade Pack features a DTX502 drum module and a XP100SD drum pad. The 3-zone snare drum pad produces high end sounds and has the ideal acoustic feel due to the silicone surface. With this Yamaha DTX pack you can upgrade your current DTXplorer or other electronic drum kits.

The DTX Hybrid Extension Pack turns your acoustic drum kit into an electronic kit. This Yamaha pack features a DTX502 drum module, two drum pads, clamps, holders and triggers. Transform your drum kit with this full set!

I'm super excited about these new products, they're so cool!

Yamaha DTX Upgrade Pack




Yamaha DTX Extension Pack



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NEW Yamaha DTX Upgrade and Extension Packs

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