WorldMax Snare Drums

Everyone get excited because we are currently adding WorldMax snare drums online!! Isn't it exciting!? All of them are fantastic and sound absolutely amazing!

We have the WorldMax 14" x 7" Stave Walnut Snare Drum that has a stunning natural finish. Featuring a 12mm shell that was made from 24 interlocking vertical sections. This WorldMax Stave Walnut snare drum is ideal for live performances thanks to its impressive projection.

Another one that has been added is the WorldMax Aztec Gold Snare Drum that has a 1mm shell that helps produce a responsive tone that is also very clear. Featuring a black finish with brass hardware. This WorldMax Aztec Gold snare drums looks amazing and sounds it too!

The WorldMax 14" x 6.5" Classic Steel Snare Drum is ideal for all musical situations such as practice, recording and live performances. Featuring a 1mm shell that allows extra cutting power. This WorldMax Classic Steel snare drum would be a great addition to any set up.

WorldMax Snare Drums

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