A day at Newcastle Drum Centre

Today I have been at the very busy Newcastle Drum Centre. I was welcomed by the sweet sound of a Mapex drum kit being played by an enthusiastic drummer. Starting off the day we completed a Yamaha stock check. Following that I took pictures of some fantastic Worldmax snare drums that will be online soon so keep checking back!! Or if you're super excited about them, you could always pop in and check them out in person.

There was a sale today also which was a nice surprise for our forever growing, new customers. We had some customers trying out drum kits today which is always fun to see... and listen to too!!

There was a few Americans that are on tour come in. One was on Spark radio last night and two were from the band 'The Humble Hooligans' that is an Irish band. They came in to rent a Mapex drum kit for their show that night at BrewDog in Newcastle. Before they left we had to get some photos with them! They are touring Europe and their next shows are at Malone's in Glasgow on 7th August, Johnnie Fox's in Glencullen, Ireland on 8th August and at The Crossbar in Mullingar, Ireland on 9th August. They were also nice enough to give us some free CD's which I'm excited to listen to so thank you for that! Check them out on Twitter @HumbleHooligans

Of course I had to take some photos when I had time because Newcastle Drum Centre has such a cool look; its hard not to click away at the camera all day! Unfortunately I could only get a few pictures from my day but I hope you like these because I think the shop looks pretty great.

I had such a good day today in Newcastle Drum Centre. There was such a lovely atmosphere and everyone was so happy and fun (as always). If you haven't been already, everyone is welcome to pop in and have a look around.

Thank you for reading :) please follow me on Twitter @theadrum

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