Awesome value...Paiste Cymbal Packs

PST 3 Cymbal Set

Paiste PST3 set

The Paiste PST 3 Cymbal sets are ideal for new drummers that are looking for a quality cymbal pack to see them through their first years of drumming and gigging! Comprising of a 20" Ride, 16" Crash and 14" Hi Hats Cymbals, Making this the best choice for the budding beginner!


PST 5 Cymbal Set

PST5 cymbals at Newcastle Drum CentreThe PST 5 Cymbals are at the top end of Paiste’s budget-level cymbals. These Precision-machined cymbals have a new lathing and hammering technique which brings an overall better sound. These Paiste cymbals are xecellent for playing at any volume level in a wide range of music styles, especially rock. These Cymbals have a nice powerful bright tone and feature a 20" Ride, 16" Crash and 14" Hi hat Cymbals.


PST 7 Cymbal Set

Paiste PST7 cymbals



The Paiste PST 7 cymbals are similar to the legendary Paiste 2002 Cymbals with their hand lathed traditional look. These Swiss manufactured cymbals produce a warm and clear overall sound and by offering three weight classes: light/thin, medium and heavy, the PST 7 line has something for every musical style. These set's comprise of 20" Ride, 16" Crash and 14" Hi Hat Cymbals.


PST 8 Cymbal Set

Paiste PST8 cymbal sets

Carefully hand hammered cymbals, the PST 8 has a unusual and unique reflector finish which not only looks great but makes for a versatile cymbal suited to all volume settings and music styles. These Hallmarks of Swiss workmanship makes the PST 8 Cymbals. You receive a FREE 18" Crash Cymbal along with the 20" Ride, 16" Crash and 14" Hi hat Cymbal set. 

Give us a call in store on 0191 221 0301 or call in for any help and advice on these great Paiste Cymbal Packs. Or you can check out and buy these beauties online at -

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