Tama Starphonic Aluminium Snare Drum

I thought i'd write a few words to tell you about a certain snare drum that we at Newcastle Drum Centre absolutely fell in love with the first time we got one into store. 

A number of our very valued customers that know exactly what they want in their snare drum have ordered this particular model, the Tama Starphonic Aluminium Snare Drum and heres why.

Tama Starphonic


On first glance when we got got this drum out of the box it was... WOW!! It has some really cool features on this drum like undrilled 'S hoops'. Instead of bending outwards, these hoops bend in towards the drum giving the drum a more dryer, focused sound whilst taking away some of those unwanted overtones you can get from snare drums. As these hoops are undrilled (making them stronger) there are really cool vintage style claws that the tension rods go through to tighten into the eye catching tube lugs. 

The 1.2mm seamless aluminium shell has a brushed satin finish and features a classic single central horizontal bead.

This drum sounds AMAZING!! The bonus of an aluminium shell snare drum is that tonally you get the nice rich warm tone you would expect from a maple shell snare drum plus also that bright cutting sound found in steel or brass shell snare drums. 

If you are thinking of getting an all round sounding snare drum that looks the absolute business then look no further that the Tama Starphonic 14"x6" aluminium snare drum.. Believe me, Its a real corker of a drum!! 

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