The Drummer Spotlight: March

Dan Fairlamb

The 'Drummer Spotlight' provides a platform for us to feature drumming talents from around the world, we have the chance to discover some of the very best drumming talents and can gain an insight into the drummer’s achievements, their drumming style and advice they’d like to pass onto fellow drummers. More than anything this is a chance for one drummer every month to shine.

This month’s ‘Drummer Spotlight’ has been placed on Dan Fairlamb, Dan started learning drums when he had a music lesson in secondary school, he confesses he would skip the work and just play drums for an hour and this is when the drums first caught Dan's attention. At age 11, Dan started attending drum lessons and this in part allowed him to go on to study music at college, Dan puts that decision to pursue his passion down to where he is now! 

Dan is a huge fan of Travis Barker and Aaron Gillespie's drumming styles, so he tries to incorporate that sense of going wild when playing live into his drumming. He may be inspired by two drumming icons but Dan always incorporates his own unique stamp into his drumming and maintains:

"You're up on that stage to put on a show and give the people what they want." 

We couldn't agree more with Dan and know that his passion and style definitely oozes through his performances.

Dan and his band Hakara have recently finished recording their latest EP 'Divine Intuition' with George Collings at In Heart Studios which will be out at the end of this month, so keep an eye out for that landing! After 'Divine Intuition' is released, Hakara have a show booked in Newcastle in April so if you like what you've read so far and are local, check out all the socials at the bottom of this page for event info!

Hakara's first single 'Sellotape and Superglue' from the EP is available now for you to listen to below so check it out, we've had it on repeat!

Dan shared his proudest drumming moments with us and they really do echo the fact that persistence and perseverance is key to becoming a successful drummer. Check out Dan's proudest drumming moments below: 

"My proudest moment would be playing the O2 Academy Main Stage a few years ago. It had always been a dream of mine to play on that stage in front of a crowd, so I'm proud to be able to tick that off the list."

We asked Dan what advice he would give to new drummers and here's what he had to say:

"Practice as often as you possibly can. Always stay hungry to learn new things and never limit yourself to one specific genre, you never know what you might learn with an open mind."

An honest and encouraging piece of advice that really strikes a chord with us here at NDC, the phrase life begins at the end of your comfort zone couldn't be more true when it comes to this crazy drumming world! One thing we're keen to learn from our Drummer Spotlight drummers is what they're drumming goals are for the next year. Dan and his band Hakara are due to do a UK Tour to support their EP release next year, so his main goal after such an intense tour is to get back in the studio with the band and work on Hakara's next record. Dan has a busy schedule ahead of him and we're sure that all of the hard work will certainly pay off! With his grit and determination Dan's dream gig of playing the Greenfield Festival Main Stage, Switzerland we're sure will be on the cards for him in no time at all!

We asked Dan what his favourite product would be if he was asked to choose one from our huge range of percussion products here at Newcastle Drum Centre and Dan was absolutely certain he'd choose a cymbal from our Zildjian Cymbals collection and not just any cymbal, his favourite would have to be Zildjian 18" A Custom Medium Crash. Zildjian cymbals are proving to be pretty popular with our drummers, with our two latest Drummer Spotlight stars opting for these cymbals!

Zildjian 18" A Custom Medium Crash Cymbal

If you've enjoyed reading this months Drummer Spotlight and want to learn more about Dan, check him out on social media, using any of the following:

Facebook | Instagram | Hakara Facebook 

Do you want to get involved in our monthly Drummer Spotlight? Click here to apply and you could be in the spotlight next month!


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